The Europe Union's Certificate of conformity

Affix CE marking

Once the necessary steps have been successfully completed, the logo must be affixed to the product.

The marking must be placed visibly and legibly on the product or, if not possible due to the nature of the product, be affixed to the packaging and the accompanying document. The CE marking shall consist of the initials 'CE' taking the following form:


The various components of the CE marking must have the same vertical dimension and may not be smaller than 5 mm. If the CE marking is reduced or enlarged, the proportions given in the graduated drawing above must be respected.

When the product is subject to other Directives covering other aspects and which also provide for the ‘CE’ marking, the accompanying documents must indicate that the product also conforms to those other Directives.

However, when one or more of those Directives allow the manufacturer, during a transitional period, to choose which arrangements to apply, the ‘CE’ marking must indicate conformity with the Directives applied by the manufacturer only. In this case, the particularities of the Directives applied, as published in the Official Journal of the European Union, must be given in the documents, notices or instructions required by the Directives and accompanying such products.

The CE marking on measuring instruments must be accompanied by supplementary metrology marking consisting of the capital letter ‘M’ and the last two digits of the year of its affixing, surrounded by a rectangle. Both markings must be at least 5 mm in height.

If the measuring instrument consists of multiple devices operating together, the markings are required to be affixed on the main device. If a measuring instrument is too small or too sensitive to carry these markings, they may be displayed on the packaging and accompanying documents.

If a Notified Body is involved in the production control phase, its identification number must be also displayed.


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